How to Store Shoes?
1-Hanging closet caddy.| 2-Shoe rack or cubby.| 3-Shoe mat.| 4-Cupboard, cabinet, or dresser.| 5-Shoebox or cardboard box.| 6-Shoe-stuffing paper.| 7-Cedar shoe balls or trees.| 8-Long boot supports.| 9-Shoe cleaning.| 10-Shoe sorting. |11-Shoe storage “don’ts”.
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How to Fix a Shoe Heel ?
Fixing a High Heel Tip | 1-Get a set of replacement heel tips that match your heel. | 2-Pull out the tip of the heel with a pair of needlenose pliers. | 3-Push the new tip into the hole on the heel. | 4-Tap the new heel tip into place with a hammer. | 5-Turn the tip so it lines up with the rest of the heel.
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