How to Choose Shoe Size when Shopping Online

Part 1 -Checking Your Foot Shape and Size
1-Set a piece of paper on a flat surface.
2- Center your foot in the middle of the paper. 
3-Trace around your foot with a pencil to create an accurate sketch. 
4-Repeat this process to measure your opposite foot. 
5-Measure the length of your sketches with a ruler. 
6-Determine your shoe size by comparing the measurement to an official list.
7-Check the diameter of the sketch to see if you have wide or narrow feet.
8- Dip your foot in water to see if you have high or low arches.

Part 2 - Evaluating the Shoe Listing

1-Compare your shoe size to the provided chart on the store’s site
2-Read the description to get an idea of the shoe’s materials
3-Search the listing for special sizing recommendations
4-Check the product listing for customer reviews.
5-Buy pointed shoes in a larger size so your feet don’t feel cramped. 
6- Order seasonal shoes in a larger size to accommodate for the weather. 
7- Go with the larger size if your feet are 2 different sizes..