How to Wash Your Shoes ?

Method (1) :  Machine-Washing Your Shoes

1-Remove the laces and insoles & clean its.
2-Clean and deodorize your insoles
3-Clean excess debris and stubborn marks from your shoes
4-Put your shoes inside a pillowcase 
5-Place the pillowcase inside the washing machine along with 1 or 2 towels.
6-Add liquid detergent
7-Set and run the washing machine
8-Remove and air-dry your shoes ,Re-lace and wear those "like new" shoes !

Method (2) : Hand-Washing Your Shoes

1-Remove and clean the laces.

2-Remove and clean the insoles.

3-Remove excess dirt.

4-Mix a cleaning solution.

5-Scrub your shoes.

6-Remove excess solution.

7-Air-dry your shoes.and Get it as a New Shoes!